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2018 Cherry Blossom Forecast


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2018 Cherry Blossom Forecast

The 2018 Cherry Blossom forecast

Japan is famous for its blooming Cherry Blossoms. Each year, people will travel from all around the world to see this spectacle. If you can get the timing right, it is definitely worth adding a few nights to the end of your snow holiday to see for yourself how stunning these trees in bloom are.



When planning to see the Cherry Blossoms there are a couple of things to consider, where and when you want to see them. There are many options to see them and depending on the region, they bloom at different times. Normally the southern areas will bloom during late March and the northern areas by mid April. A 2018 forecast is shown below, keep in mind that rain, temperature and wind can can either delay or accelerate the actual blooms.

The best times to see the trees in full bloom should be: Tokyo 28March, Hiroshima 2April, Osaka 2April, Kyoto 4April, Kanazawa 11April, Nagano 16April, Sapporo 6May. These dates are subject to Mother Nature.








For further information on adding a trip to see the Cherry Blossoms to your next snow holiday to Japan this spring call us today.

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