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How to wash your snow gear


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How to wash your snow gear

How to wash your snow clothes

Have you just returned from a snow holiday and are wondering what is the best way to wash your gear? Don’t just throw it in the machine as if you were doing an ordinary wash! You've invested a lot of money in your snow jacket, pants and gloves so taking extra care will prolong the life of your gear, making sure you stay dry next season, and the season after that and the season after that.

Using cleaning products specific to wet weather clothing will extend the life and enhance the performance. Using ordinary washing detergent could remove the water repellent coating from your gear. There are a few products on the market, we have always had success with Nikwax Tech Wash followed by a direct spray protection such as Nikwax TX Direct Spray-on. These products can be found online plus in our local Paddy Pallin store.




Some tips using these products.

To wash garments in a washing machine:
1. Read and follow the instructions of Tech Wash and the care label of the garment. Garments should be turned inside out before washing, and washed according to their care label.
2. Only wash a maximum of two garments at a time. If you need to wash more than that, be sure to purchase extra bottles of the Tech Wash.
3. Place 150mL of Nikwax’s Tech Wash into the detergent dispenser, or 100mL straight into the washer. This quantity is accurate for washing two garments and put on a gentle cycle.

To wash garments by hand:
1. Submerge garments in 6 litres of cold water
2. Use 150mL of Nikwax’s Tech Wash for 1-2 items.
3. Rinse garment 3 times in clean water.


If the garments do not require to be re-waterproofed, allow to air dry or if allowed, put in the tumble dryer according to the care label.

However if re-waterproofing is required do not dry the garment. Apply the spray while the garments are still wet.

1. Lay clean wet garment flat on a working surface
2. Hold Nikwax Tx. Direct Spray-On 15cm from garment.
3. Apply evenly to outside of fabric
4. Let sit for 2 minutes, then remove surplus product with a damp cloth
5. Air dry

Taking these extra steps with your snow gear will make a better snow holiday next time.



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