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Must-Read Japan Holiday Travel Tips for First-Timers


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Must-Read Japan Holiday Travel Tips for First-Timers

Going to a new country for the first time is always extremely exciting. Not knowing what to expect can be exciting thrilling and scary all at the same time. Japan is a beautiful country with great history, culture and amazing natural beauty. Our Japan ski holiday experts have been to Japan more times than we can count and have put together a list of travel tips that you need to know before travelling to Japan.

  1. Bring Cash
    A common mistake for first-time travellers to Japan is to rely on credit or debit cards. If you are used to travelling you will probably know that most ATM’s will take international cards however this is not the case in Japan. It can be extremely hard to find an ATM that accepts international cards but you can usually withdraw cash from 7-Eleven, Posts Offices and International Banks.

    Don’t wait until you are nearly out of cash either. You may find it hard to locate an ATM in the time is takes you to run out of money. Always think ahead!

  2. Learn Common Japanese Greetings
    It can be really handy to have some easy and common Japanese sayings up your sleeve. Learning simple phrases such as “please”, “thank-you”, “yes” and “no” will really help you along the way. You will find the locals really appreciate that you have learnt the local language. If you are lucky you way even be able to teach some English back to those eager to practise!

 Here are some common phrases to get you started.

    • Ohayou gozaimasu = Good morning (polite)
    • Konnichiwa = Good afternoon
    • Konbanwa = Good evening
    • Sayounara = Goodbye
    • Arigatou gozaimasu = Thank you (polite)
    • Sumi-masen = Excuse me/I’m sorry
  1. You Don’t Need To Tip
    As you would know tipping is not customary in Australia, this is the same in Japan. Many locals will be offended if you try and tip them so hold back from showing monetary kindness and show your thanks through other means. There are some exceptions to the rule so make sure you do your research before you arrive.

  2. Don’t Talk to Loudly
    When travelling on public transport you will very quickly realise how quiet everyone is. Locals will often choose to sleep, read or listen to music quietly when travelling on buses and trains. Also, refrain from talking on your mobile phone, this is considered to be rude.

  3. Make Sure You Can Use Chopsticks
    Chopsticks are widely used throughout Japan and it can be uncommon to find a restaurant that provide a knife and fork. If you don’t want to use disposable wooden chopsticks invest in a good set that you can easily carry around with you.

  4. You Will Find It Hard To Throw Out Your Rubbish
    Walking around Japan you will notice the lack of public bins. This is because locals find it rude to eat on the go, therefore bins are not provided to help discourage this. Always make sure to clean up after yourself or take rubbish with you.

As a first timer to Japan we are sure you will fall in love with the country. Japan is a mixture of old and new and home to some of the world's best ski fields. The 6 points mentioned should help you when you first arrive. Have fun discovering, learning and of course enjoying the powder!

At Deep Powder Tours we are the experts in Japan ski holidays and can help you plan the perfect ski or snowboard holiday. Contact us today for more information!

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