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Night skiing


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Night skiing

Night skiing in Japan - is it worth it?


Night skiing, it’s not really something that makes a whole lot of sense. If you are anything like me, you are up and on that first lift, stop for a few brewskies and a bit of lunch and then ski through to the last lifts. By the time I get back to my accommodation I’m stuffed, there’s nothing left. The very last thing on my mind is to put my wet boots and gloves back on and head back out into the cold to ski up and down a crowded short, green run. Right? What really is there to like about night skiing?




In fact, it is pretty special, a completely unique experience. There is something different about skiing under the lights. The runs are freshly groomed, and if you’re lucky you’ll still find some powder stashes on the side. You’ll feel every turn, hear your gear connecting with the snow and certainly feel that fresh snow falling on your face. The whole darkness adds to the adrenaline rush. Night skiing is by far not as popular as day skiing so you will have more of the mountain to yourself, and no lift lines. The view of the town below is stunning at night, all lit up like a Christmas tree, the view doesn’t get any better.


So, our advice is to just do it. Pop on a few extra layers, find a second pair of dry gloves and go and rip it up.

Where can you go night skiing in Japan? Night skiing is really popular in Japan. Resorts that have night skiing in Japan include Niseko, Rusutsu, Furano, Kiroro, Tomamu, some Hakuba resorts, some Shiga Kogen Resorts, Naeba, Arai Resort and Appi.

When is night skiing open in Japan? Most of the Japan ski resorts will aim to have night skiing running from mid-December through to mid-March. This all depends on how much snow the resorts have received, the night skiing may be available for a shorter period if there is not enough snow cover.





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