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Our top 5 reasons why to visit Japan


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Our top 5 reasons why to visit Japan

5 reasons why you should ski/ride in Japan

Japan is the snowiest place on earth

Here is a list of some of the Japan ski resorts and how many metres of snow they receive annually:

Niseko – 14metres, Rusutsu – 11metres, Kiroro – 13metres, Hakuba – 10metres, Madarao – 13metres, Arai Resort – 15metres, Nozawa Onsen – 10metres, Zoa Onsen – 12metres, Naeba – 12metres and Myoko Kogen – 13metres.




More ski resorts than any other country

Japan has over 500 operating ski resorts. Some are large western style resorts with a huge array of western accommodation, dining, restaurants and après ski, some resorts are smaller with rarely a westerner in sight. These ones we’d still like to keep a secret, as for the rest, lets talk, we can help you get there.

Extraordinary culture with authentic history

Japan offers a chance to immerse yourself in the calmness and romance of ancient times from the days of the samuri, onsens, temples, zen, shrines, geishas, festivals and breathtaking gardens and mountainous scenery. At the very same time, you'll find advanced technology with some of the fastest trains on the planet, a booming economy with stylish, confident and modern cities. If you're planning a ski holiday in Japan, be sure to take some time out to experience real Japan, away from the ski resorts.






Divine cuisine

You haven’t been to Japan until you have tried raw puffa fish, real sushi and sashimi, fish eggs, curry doughnuts, soya sauce ice cream, sake flavoured Kit-Kats, or beer and coffee from a vending machine. Japan offers some unique flavours and exquisite cuisine.




This may seem odd, but the toilets in Japan are like something out of the future. Must be tried to be believed and then you’ll try to import one back home! Like the scene from the kids movie, Cars 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23I4IMZpx1Y, that is pretty much what they are like. Heated seats, bidet wash and deodorising. There are so many buttons, make sure you press the right one, you’d hate to get squirted in the face.



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