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What to do in Tokyo


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What to do in Tokyo

Tokyo, a must see destination

If you are up for a unique, wild and unforgettable experience, Tokyo is the place for you. Tokyo is so different from most places in the world and we highly recommend a visit on your next ski holiday to Japan. It’s fusion of old and new, tradition verse freakishly futuristic plus tolerance and impulsiveness reveals a city that is like no other.


In Tokyo, you will find it busy, crowded, modern and alive yet at the same time it is calm, ordered, ancient and peaceful. You’ll find ultra-modern, neon lit sky-scrappers next to serene temples hundreds of years old.


With more Michelin star restaurants than anywhere else, there is no surprise that this is a place to set the taste buds on fire. Do yourself a favour and add a few nights in Tokyo during this coming Japan skiing season.


Here is a list of some of the must-dos in Tokyo:


- Join in a traditional tea ceremony while wearing a kimono
- Enjoy your inner child at Tokyo Disneyland
- Take a day trip to Mt Fuji
- Visit Tokyo Joypolis, the largest indoor theme park – perfect in winter!
- Challenge yourself with your problem solving skills to escape from Tokyo Mystery Circus
- Get real in the unreal VR Zone Shinjuku
- Watch ninjas, samurais, and robots battle in a high-octane cabaret show at Robot Restaurant in Tokyo’s - vibrant Kabukicho district
- Watch a Japanese ceremony and sumo wrestling matches at a traditional arena
- Be taken back in time watching a Geisha performance performing traditional songs, dances and games
- Let the kids go wild in Tokyo Character Street with featured stores including Tokyo Sumo Wrestling Tournament
- Try some of Japans best ramen from Tokyo Ramen Street






- Get your sugar rush on at Tokyo Okashi Land. Watch the sweets being made and try them of course.
- Try and let the kids just pick one toy from Kiddy Land – an impossible task from one of Japan’s largest toy shops
- A magical place for kids of all ages is Studio Ghibli Museum, an animated house famous for producing many films.
- Visit Sanrio Puroland, a Hello Kitty indoor theme park
- KidZania is incredible for kids, let them role play over 100 occupations
- Try rainbow coloured food at Kawaii Monster café in Harajuku
- Catch your own fish at Zauo and have the chefs cook if fresh for you. If the fish are not biting, there is still plenty on the menu
- Spend a night or two in a capsule hotel
- Visit Tokyo Owl café, you’ll have a hoot of a time and this fast becoming Tokyo's latest trend
- Stop for a tea of one of Tokyo's cat cafes, there are plenty of them around.
- Maxwell Aqua Park is not just any aquarium, it’s filled with dazzling sounds, lights, imagery and over 20,000 marine creatures
- Take a selfie at the famous Shibuya Crossing





- Find Godzilla’s Head
- Test every button on the Japanese toilet
- See how much you can spend in a 100yen Store
- Do as the Japanese do, and sing karaoke in one of the bars in Shinjuku
- Get dressed up as Mario, and drive his Kart around the streets of Tokyo
- Shop until your heart is content in Takeshita Street
- Buy the strangest thing you can from a vending machine, beer or hot rice?!
- If gadgets are your thing, head to Akihabara, the ‘electronic town’ of Tokyo
- For a cute and fun experience visit one of Akihabara’s maid cafes
- If it’s a clear day, travel up to the observation deck on Tokyo Tower
- If you won’t get another opportunity in Japan, visit an onsen in Tokyo
- Stroll around the national gardens of Shinjuku
- Discover one of Tokyo’s hidden gems, Pissy Alley, a collections of small bars and food stalls
- Try foods and drinks true to Japan






The next time you are planning a Japan snow holiday to one of Japan’s ski resorts like one of Japan's best ski resorts Niseko ski resort or Hakuba ski resort, always allow a few days in Tokyo.


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