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What is a ‘Japanese-style’ room?


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What is a ‘Japanese-style’ room?

What is a ‘Japanese-style’ room? Things to know before you go to Japan.

You may have noticed when searching for accommodation in Japan that some properties offer western style rooms, Japanese style or combination. What does that all mean? There is a huge difference between western and Japanese style so before heading to the best Japanese ski resorts, avoid disappointment and be sure you know exactly what you are getting.

Western style, as it says, it’s just like what you can expect in Australia. Western beds and modern comforts like TVs, a small table and chairs, tea and coffee making facilities and perhaps a sofa lounge. Keep in mind, the majority of Japanese accommodation will include single beds only. It’s the minority that will offer double or queen beds. Some properties have a king split bed so the two single beds can be set up as a king.





Japanese style, this is really different to what Australians are used to offering that true unique and traditional Japanese experience with comfort levels different to what we normally experience. First thing, shoes are off at the entrance. Shoes are not to be worn on the tatami flooring. The tatami flooring is a thick woven straw mat, that is soft and comfortable to walk on. You can wear socks on the tatami flooring. These rooms seem far more spacious that the western style rooms as the futon beds get stored in the cupboard during the day so it is just one big open space. Some rooms may have sliding doors that are just a wooden frame with opaque or translucent paper that can be used to partition the sleeping area from the living space. Most rooms will have built in cupboards and shelving. As the rooms are traditional Japanese style, there will be a low table and either just cushions to sit on the ground with or some low chairs without legs but with back support. The futon on bedding gets laid directly on the tatami flooring. The futons can be very thin and may take a little while to adjust to. The pillows too can be very thin. All rooms are different, generally these rooms will include a TV, small fridge and tea making facilities.

Combination rooms, these rooms offer the best of both worlds and a great way to experience a bit of Japanese tradition without forgoing all the western comforts you are used to. These rooms offer the traditional tatami flooring, so again, shoes off at the front entrance but with western bedding. The bedding may a low bed, so pretty much just a mattress on the tatami floor, but a lot easier to adjust to than a futon.




Rooms may or may not have ensuites whether they are western or Japanese styles. Rooms without ensuites have access to shared bathroom facilities. Normally there are separate men and women’s bathroom facilities. Some of these shared facilities are traditional, open spaces. Some may have divided cubicles - it’s just part of the experience.


If you have any questions about the style of accommodation in Japan, please contact us today and we will be happy to assist with your enquiries.


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